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Order Now

Please Order through the following method;

Simple; Just send us an email with the catalogue and/or product ID or a picture of the product and we reply you with the details as soon as possible. What we need from you are;

  1. USE “Contact us” form for order OR
  2. Your email address (optional)
  3. Phone Number
  4. Catalogue / Product ID or a Picture of the product that you want to inquire.

NOTE: WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY. So all of your provided information will not be share without your knowledge.

Just send these details via email, call us or whatsapp. You can use social media links for enquiry too. Here are our contacts details;

  1. email : alif.com.pk@gmail.com
  2. Phone: +92 334 0527666
  3. Website: www.alif.com.pk

Payment Methods:

You can pay using any legal available means i.e. Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa Type Services etc.

If you have any picture or design that is not in our database, please share your thoughts and we will try to find the solution for you.