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Wedding Planning & Management | Mehndi | Barat | Valima

We are proud to serve many happy families. Increase in wedding planning requests is our motivation. We have dedicated, well experienced and highly professional TEAM. Just Share Your Thoughts with us and LET US MAKE IT HAPPENS IN A UNIQUE WAY. Here are some of the examples;

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Mehndi Event:


  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano Islamabad-2
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano Pakistan-5
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-1
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-3
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-6
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-7
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-8
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-9
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-10
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-11
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-12
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-13
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-14
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-15
  • Mehndi Event by Oriantano-16


Barat Event:


  • Baraat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-1
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-2
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-3
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-4
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-6
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-7
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-8
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-9
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-13
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-14
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-15
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Pakistan-5
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Rawalpindi Pakistan-12
  • Barat Event by Oriantano Rawalpindi-11
  • Baaraat Event by Oriantano Islamabad-10


Valima Event:


  • Valeema Management by Oriantano-3
  • Valima Management by Oriantano Islamabad-11
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-1
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-7
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-8
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-9
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-10
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-12
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-13
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-15
  • Valima Management by Oriantano-16
  • Valima planning by Oriantano-2
  • Valima Planning by Oriantano-6
  • Walima Management by Oriantano-5
  • Walima Management by Oriantano-14


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