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Ceiling Art | Paint & Polish

One of our latest addition is Gypsum Ceilings. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We also do false ceiling projects too.

As you know ceiling works starts from your dreams to imagination of designer and then to an architect’s table and then to professional hands for execution after going through many time consuming meetings/processes.

Before you think of any project, share your thoughts with our team and we would try to make it for you. Here are some of the examples;

Gypsum Ceiling Designs:

To View Complete Catalogue with Colorful Patterns, Please Scroll Down and Like it



Pictures During Works:

Paint & Polish:

Our dedicated team is highly experienced in paint and polishing of Door and Walls. We can do polish on wood and metal with wooden and marble effects.

Just share your requirements with us and we will try to fulfill.

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