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Roller Blinds – Sun Screen & Darkout (Blackout) Fabrics

Roller Blinds – Sun Screen and Darkout (Blackout) Fabrics

Rollup and Roman Style

  • Window-Blinds-Alif Interiors-9
  • Sunscreen-Roller Blind-5-Alif Interiors
  • Semi Darkout-Roller Blinds-Alif Interiors
  • Semi Darkout-Roller Blinds-Alif Interiors Islamabad Pakistan
  • roman-blinds-Alif Interiors-9
  • Roller Blinds-Alif Interiors
  • Roman Blinds-Dark out-Alif Interiors-6
  • roller-sunscreen-fabric-blinds-cover-Alif Interiors
  • roller-sunscreen-fabric-blinds-Alif Interiors
  • roller-sunscreen-8-blinds-Alif Interiors
  • roller-sunscreen-5-office-blinds-Alif Interiors
  • roller-darkout-fabric-blinds-Alif Interiors-8
  • roller-darkout-fabric-blinds-Alif Interiors
  • roller blind at Alif Interiors
  • Roller-Darkout Blinds-Alif Interiors-8
  • Roller Blinds-Alif Interiors-5
  • Roller Blinds-Alif Interiors-2
  • Roller Blinds Darkout-3-Alif Interiors
  • Roller Blinds-Alif Interiors
  • Roller Blinds Darkout-1-Alif Interiors
  • Roller Blacckout-Alif Interiors-8
  • Semi and Darkout Roller Blinds
  • Chick Blinds-Alif Interiors-8
  • Blackout Out Roller Blinds-4
  • Bamboo Blinds-2

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Note: Above blinds are with normal fitting. Minimum size would be 16 sq.ft. – Remote Control Motor option is also available. Please email us, call us or visit us for more details.

SPECIAL NOTES FOR DESIGNERS & Buyers : We RESPECT your hard work. Please keep in mind that all the products are imported. It is hard for importer to keep stock of each and every item all the time. Therefore we RESPECT and understand the situation of Importers Too. We suggest multiple choices in designs while designing your projects (homes/offices etc). We also suggest that try to use different design in a theme. This will help you and us to avoid any unexpected situation BECAUSE we RESPECT our CUSTOMERS too.

Note: Please note that its an e-catalogue. We have done our best to give the real feelings of the material, effects and color. However, we always recommend to visit our display center or call us for catalogue before order.

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