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Sublimation – Mugs | T Shirts | Name Plates | Key Chains | Water Bottle | Cushion

Sublimation | Heat Press Printing

Mugs | T Shirts | Water Bottles | Cushions | Photo Frames | Key Chains

Sublimation or Heat Press is another product that help us to serve you in a better and different way. Again your imagination and creativity and our printing techniques make a beautiful finished product.

Its a simple Process. Just send us YOUR PICTURE and WE WILL TRANSFER it for you.



Either you are celebrating any day i.e. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or wanna give a Gift to your Teacher or participating in a Sports Gala or Giving a memorable gift to your friend. Send us pic or idea and we will print for you.

If you are an organization and wanna promote it, We can print your logo, a quote, a company name or any other information/picture on Mugs, T Shirts, Key Chains for you.

Our Sublimation Products;

  • Mugs
  • Magic Mugs
  • T Shirts (Kids, small, medium, large)
  • Photo Frames
  • Crystal Photo Frames
  • Crystal Key Chains
  • Water Bottles For Kids
  • Traveling Mug
  • Ceramic Frames
  • Name Plates
  • Logos
  • Corporate Badges on Aluminum Sheets with Bronze, Gold, Silver Effects
  • Clock
  • Kids Puzzles

Here are some of the examples;

  • Lays Profile by alif interiors
  • Lays T Shirt -1 alif Interiors
  • Lays T Shirt - 2 alif Interiors
  • Mug Printing - Alif Interiors
  • Cushion Printing - Alif Interiors
  • Water Bottle Printing - Alif Interiors
  • Cushion Printng 2 - Alif Interiors
  • Cushion Printng 3 - Alif Interiors
  • Mobile Printing - Alif Interiors
  • alif-Cushion-1
  • alif-cushion-2
  • alif-Keychain-1
  • alif-kids puzzle-1
  • alif-Magic Mug-1
  • alif-Magic Mug-2
  • alif-mobile-1
  • alif-mug-1
  • alif-mug-2
  • alif-mug-3
  • alif-mug-4
  • alif-mug-5
  • alif-mug-6
  • alif-mug-7
  • alif-mug-8
  • alif-mug-9
  • alif-mug-10
  • alif-mug-11
  • alif-mug-12
  • alif-mug-13
  • alif-mug-14
  • alif-mug-15
  • alif-mug-16
  • alif-mug-17
  • alif-mug-18
  • alif-Name Plate-Logo
  • alif-T shirt-1
  • alif-T shirt-2
  • alif-T shirt-3
  • alif-T shirt-4
  • alif-T shirt-5
  • alif-traveling mug-1
  • alif-traveling mug-2
  • alif-water bottle-1
  • alif-water bottle-2
  • alif-water bottle-3
  • GAGG MUG -9-
  • Mug 14 August alif Interiors
  • Range of Products to Print
  • Tshirt 14 August alif Interiors


Note: Please note that its an e-catalogue. We have done our best to give the real feelings of the material, effects and color. However, we always recommend to visit our display center or call us for catalogue before order.

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